Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Upper Scioto Valley Student Advocacy

Mission Statement

Serving the needs of our students and their families is the number one goal of the office of the Student Advocate at Upper Scioto Valley. Insuring that every student's physical, mental, and social needs are being addressed is paramount to their success.
 "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."
Year in Review
Thanksgiving Shopping imageWow what a great school year through the office of Student needs here at Upper Scioto Valley. We had such a huge role in providing for our students and their families.  Take a look at how this office helped our school, our community and our families month by month.  Starting in September, did you know that the student needs department sponsored the k-4 student of the month program providing incentives for over 50 student of the month winners.  In October we conducted a week long Red Ribbon drug free celebration that provides drug and alcohol education for all of our students. Which goes hand in hand with our department providing free weekly counseling to every student if needed. This counseling is provided by a local certified agency at no cost to our students and their family. 
McDonalds Night ImageOctober also brought about McDonalds night where the entire community came out to raise money for the student needs fund. November brings Thanksgiving and our office provided complete Thanksgiving meals to 25 families in need at no cost to the student or their family. With December comes Christmas and the spirit of giving continues. We connected over 20 families with churches and organizations to assist families with holiday wants and needs . We also provided the elementary students with a Santa shop where they could buy family members gifts at a very low and reasonable cost.
Coat Closet ImageJanuary started off the New Year with our first annual mental health day which provided all of our high school students with a chance to learn about mental health in a fun and positive way. February brought about cultural sensitivity training as we celebrated black history month by teaching diversity, understanding and tolerance to elementary students with fun lessons and guest speakers. March is for basketball! Did you know that our office has provided hundreds of dollars in athletic equipment and fees to the students and families that could not afford to play the sports that they enjoy.


April is spring time and for the last few years our office has provided the funding for the Columbus zoo to spend the day at USV providing the students a chance to see and learn about all kinds of wild animals. May brought us the end of the year and with it graduation. The students need department provided two $200 scholarships to deserving seniors.

Along with all of these great things we also provide clothes, shoes. Financial assistance such as providing glasses, medical appointments gas cards and hats and gloves for any and all students during winter weather. As you can see our number one goal is meeting the needs of our students and there family’s here at USV.



Danny Holbrook
USV Student Advocate
419-757-3231 x1218 
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