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Message from Interim Superintendent Craig Hurley

USV Community,

I am very excited to be serving USV in the role of interim superintendent.  I have been employed by USV for the last 25 years and have lived in the district almost my entire life.  There are a few beliefs that I have in leading the district and would like to share them with you.

My expectations for all adults at the school are as follows:

       1) Care about ALL kids!

      2) Believe all kids can learn at a HIGH level! 

I also have some personal goals/beliefs for myself and for Upper Scioto Valley Schools:

      1)  Students are the most important part of the school.  All decisions that are made must be made with the best interest of the students in mind.

      2)  Public education is the most vital institution for the future of our community and country.  At this point it is under attack and needs to be defended.

      3)  All children can learn and have success.  It is our job as a school district and educators to help children find their way in the world.

      4)  Teachers have the most important impact in the educational lives of students.  However, we must remember that all adults in the school are important. Cooks, janitors, secretaries, bus drivers, board members administrators, etc.  All staff members play a vital role in the education of our students.

      5)  Fiscal responsibility to our community proves that we respect the district and manage the use of the funds provided to make our district successful.  This is especially important for the Superintendent and Treasurer.

      6)  The best classroom management tool that can be implemented is to care about all of your students.  This means truly care!

      7)  Work together and communicate.  Most problems that occur, take place because of a lack of communication.

      8)  Be positive!  When things are not going as planned, stay positive.  Help keep each other positive and going in the right direction.

      9)  Are we going to be whiners or winners??  Try to complain less.  When we do complain, try to create a solution to the problem.

I am truly excited to work together and build even more relationships in our community.  I truly love coming to work at Upper Scioto Valley Schools!

Craig M. Hurley

USV Interim Superintendent

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