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Letter from the Superintendent - 1-4-2022
January 4, 2022
Dear Upper Scioto Valley Community,
We are approaching the end of the first semester for the 2021/2022 school year.  I cannot believe how fast the year is going.  It has been wonderful to have all the students here and have the school open in spite of Covid.  I hope this continues as we complete the remainder of the school year.  
There have been two pieces of good data provided from the state tests.  I do not believe these test results to be the most meaningful way that we should rate our school.  However, these tests are how the State of Ohio has determined that schools would be graded.   These two pieces of data are the Ohio Value Added results and the 3rd Grade Reading fall test administration.
The Ohio Value Added results measure the growth that students make in a given time frame.  This is measured for grades 4 -10.  There are no value-added results for the 2020 year.  In comparing the 2021 results and the 2019 results, Upper Scioto Valley made some very good improvements.  There was only one area that showed a slight decrease, eleven increased and one stayed the same.  The one that stayed the same was already at the highest level and could not increase on this rating system.  All staff are to be thanked for their efforts in making these improvements.
The third grade fall administration of the Grade 3 English Language Arts test showed USV third grade students passing at a rate of 59%.   This is an end of third grade test taken at the beginning of third grade. This is well above the state average of 41% and much better than we have done in previous 6 years.  All K- 3 staff are to be congratulated for this achievement and all their hard work in making it possible.  
I want to take a moment and thank the staff, parents, community and most importantly the students for these achievements.  It is exciting to see and always remember It is a Great Day to LEARN.
Craig M. Hurley
Craig M. Hurley
Upper Scioto Valley Schools